Welcome to La Ceiba, Honduras!

La Ceiba is a tourism destination that you have to visit because it offers multiple touristic activities such as adventure, nature, educational experiences, rural, communitarian and cultural tourism, which highlights the garífuna culture with its gastronomic richness in the city, protected areas and/or communities.  We call La Ceiba a Tourism Destination because of the integration of the three coast municipalities: La Ceiba, El Porvenir and Jutiapa in the Department of Atlantida and the archipelago Cayos Cochinos in the Honduran Caribbean. In fact, it is said that with one hand you are able to reach the mountain and with the other hand the sea.

Welcome to La Ceiba, Honduras!

A destination with much warmth, with an enviable geographical position between the Caribbean Sea and the ever green mountains of the Cordillera Nombre de Dios, which rise imposingly above the 2,500 m above sea level …

Here, among the songs of tropical birds, countless creeks and streams of clear water running merrily towards the sea, surrounded by lush vegetation. An abundance of tropical wildlife, ranging from the gentle manatee channel Wildlife Refuge Cuero y Salado, to the stunning Jaguar in the mountains of Pico Bonito National Park, live in this earthly paradise.

The cultural richness of La Ceiba is also vast, in addition to Garifuna communities on the beaches you will find a variety of options in rural communities of our destination, where you can explore trails within protected areas, to tour pineapple farms agribusiness , cocoa and tropical species timber plantations, or simply live with the happy inhabitants of tropical villages and learn about their way of life and interact with nature around them.

For nature lovers and adventure, La Ceiba has a variety of options, from the refreshing waters of the Rio Cangrejal fast, where you can enjoy “rafting and kayaking” to paradise pools of hot springs hidden in the rainforest season. There are also several options for “canopy tours” and if your dream is to visit a beautiful Caribbean island where you can feel like Robinson Crusoe, are the beautiful Cayos Cochinos, a Caribbean paradise just 45 minutes from La Ceiba.

La Ceiba has a variety of hotels to suit all tastes and all economies, a wide variety of dining options and is renowned nationally for the quality of nightlife.

No matter what your interest is, I invite you to discover La Ceiba, in where you are going to be able to discover that La Ceiba, more than a destination is an adventure!