Wildlife Refuge Cuero and Salado (RVSCS)

cuero y salado recorrido www.visitalaceiba.comLocated 30 kilometers west of the City of La Ceiba, between the rivers of Cuero and Salado, provides shelter to multiple animal species, among them the Manatee or Sea Cow (threaten specie).  It is formed by a system of coast lagoons, rivers, channels and swamps.  It has an approximate extension of 132.25 km2, from which 40% correspond to the water mirror.  The protected area was declared by legislative decree in 1987.  The refuge is managed by the Fundación Cuero y Salado (FUCSA).

In the refugee you can enjoy of the water trials, which can last from 2 to 4 hours.  A group of communitarian guides offers tours to watch birds, the traditional water trial, together with the community fishermen; you may live the experience of artesian fishing and listen to the stories of the site.  Also in the foundation you can rent kayaks and sail through the water mirror. The wetlands such as RVSCS are characterized by the abundant presence of birds. We have counted more than 190 species of birds.  Herons (Agami Heron), Yellow-crowned, Night Heron, and Boat-billed Heron, king fisher, toucans, woodpeckers and many more.  Come and discover them!  Reserve your package or build the package of your preference.

If the nature allows it and you are lucky in this wildlife refuge – habitat of other species of animals- you will observe iguanas, alligators, monkeys (howling and White face) and the famous but shy Manatee.

La Ceiba is a destination that promotes the sustainable tourism through the biological monitoring.
Since 20cuero y salado vegetacion www.visitalaceiba.com  10 the Tourism Chamber of La Ceiba and the Honduran Tourism Communities Network (RECOTURH) monitors the fish, mammals and birds that live in some of the water trials of the Wildlife Refuge Cuero and Salado.  The monitoring is voluntarily developed by the community tourist guides and allows knowing what animals live in the zone and in that way measure through the time the changes that occur according to the development of the tourism activity and other variables.  During your visit support these areas contracting the tourist guides that are involved in the monitoring.  Unload: List of the species included in the Biological Monitoring.  Participate and support us in this activity.

The communities of Cuero y Salado and most of all Salado Barra, have been considered as one of the Sustainable Tourism Innovator Models based in the sustainable tourism values and principles guidelines that has been disclosed in the protected areas of the Esmerald Caribbean or better known as the north coast of Honduras (from Tela to Trujillo).  That is why the different actors with a presence or influence in the area have reached an agreement to promote the integral tourism development in the Wildlife Refuge of Cuero y Salado and improve the life conditions of the community and provide the tourist with a safe, experiential, ecological and quality experience.