Natural Marine Monument Cayos Cochinos

cayos cochinos cerpiente rosada

Discover the habitat of the pinky boa; endanger specie of the archipelago, unique in the world.  The archipelago is formed by two small islands and 13 key chains located 39.5 km from La Ceiba in the Honduran Caribbean.  A real hidden paradise in where each one of the islands or key has their own ecosystem.  Diving, snorkeling, trips in boats, trials, watching the wild fauna, artesian fishery, beaches with clear and crystalline water, the garifunas and their gastronomy as well as great natural beauty are waiting for you. Come on! Reserve your package or build the package of your preference.

You can access Cayos Cochinos from La Ceiba (39.35 km), Rio Esteban (23.13 km), Sambo Creek (25.98km), Nueva Armenia (18.53cayos cochinos corales  km) and Roatán (39.00km) being Sambo Creek, the most common point which takes more or less 45 minutes from this garífuna community.

The scientific tourism is present in the Cayos Cochinos.  It is visited by diverse universities, mainly foreign universities and scientists to be able to analyze and assess the flora and fauna through the year.  As an example a scientific station is established in Cayo Menor, being used for multiple purposes such as a base for the monitoring operations of the reef, the monitoring of the fish spawn areas and other activities related with the islands.  There is a huge dry laboratory with air condition and computers as well as a wet laboratory in the deck with sea water that is constantly pumped to fill a number of aquariums.  There is also a well equipped diving center and boats with all the necessary security equipment and boats with also all the necessary security equipment as well as trained staff to conduct the training and diving projects.